Marat Kankadze
Country/Sity: Russia,Moscow
Date of birth: 18/05/1972
In stuntriding: since 2005
Bikes: YAMAHA WR450F supermoto, HONDA CRF450R supermoto
Stuntman. Stuntrider. Motorcycle training instructor for Moscow Motorcycle Training school «PRTmoto».
«Heat», 2006
«Barviha», 2009
«You and I», 2011
Stundriding DVD videos:
«Stuntriding in Moscow», 2007
«At the Edge»(own project) , 2009
Sports achivements: 
Winner of the Russian Extreme Olimpic Games 2007 in stuntriding category. Second place in Russian Stuntriding championship 2009. Second place in Stuntriding competition «Моtо Моtо» 2010. Winner of
a cup for «Crazyest trick» on Moscow Streetbike Freestyle contest «Moscow Stunt Jam» 2010.

                                                                               A few words about me..

Marat  Kankadze:  «When I was 12 years old, I was saving money for  a year for my first engine. It was legendary simple Russian engine D-6. My older brother helped me to install it into the bicycle frame and my father gave me the fuel tank from his old chain saw. So I got the "Gazulka" - a moped with a simple engine and without any brakes. Those mopeds were very popular for Russian teenagers in 70-80s! 

At 16 years old I got my first real motorcycle. It was 350cc two strokes "Jawa". The first Japanese motorcycle appeared in my life in1997. I am a real fan of extreme sports, I am trying to keep myself in a good shape, do not drink, do not smoke. Now I am riding only on supermoto bikes - they allow me to do extraordinary things!




I became a racer in 2001. Spend some years in minimoto (pocketbike) racing and won 6 different cups in Russian minimoto championship.




Stunt Shows 

In 2004, I started practicing stuntriding, and next year, in 2005, I have presented my first stunt show. Since that time, my team and I were invited to perform more than 100 stunt shows all around Russia. In 2009 and 2010 I was invited as a stuntrider to «Adrenalin Rush FMX Masters» tour. This tour goes through 12 biggest Russian cities and was organized by «Adrenalin Rush» energy drink. It is huge stuntriding and FMX show, with lights, good sound and famous Russian rock band. In every city we have collected a crazy croud from 40000 to 120000(!!!) people.

                                                    Me in Magazins

I had about 20 articles in Russian moto magazines about me, my bikes, my tricks and my carier. All articles included my best stunt pictures. Since January 2011 I was invited by «MOTO REVUE» magazine as a permanent monthly author for «Stunt School» rubric. 

My Bikes

I am riding only on the supermoto custom builded stuntbikes. My bikes are unik, and had some really unusual techical decisions made by Russain engineers, like a fuel ingection sistem on my Yamaha WR450F. Custom builded subframe, with changing end, on my Honda CRF450R.  The bies have custom graphics and are always in a good shining shape. 

My Sponsors :

VTORMET - Russian Industrial Company.

DC Shoes - Global Action Sports Brand.

Adrenalin Rush - Energy Drink.

50 STUNT- Stunt Parts Engineering.

UNIT- BMW and Mercedes Benz technical center.

BERGmoto - Russian distributor of automotive spare parts and repair service equipment.

12oclockLabs - Motorcycle electronic products.

Go Pro - Wearable HD cameras for sports.

STRsprockets - Motorcycle sprockets

Continental - Moto tires.

I am a professional rider, wellknown all around Russia. 

My experience, knowlege and age give me the ability to work professionally with sponsors. 

I am sure that I can be a valuable pro rider for any interested sponsor not only on the Russian market, but everywhere all around  the world.

My stunt shows and events in 2010:

14.03.10 Stunt show for orfan children in Sochi. Interview for local TV channel «Max Media»
27.03.10 Russian stuntriding championship.1 stage. 5 place. Interview for local TV channel.
2.04.10 Performed stunt show and took part for TV channel «Drive». TV show «Bikes and Bikers».
27.04.10 Stunt show in Kazakhstan. In capital of this country Alma-Ata. And Interview for local TV channel.
10.05.10 Performed stunt show and took part for internet TV channel «TV Jam».
29.05.10 Stunt show in Belgorod. On every year usual Bikers Meeting
1.06.10 Stunt show for childrens in Moscow. International childrens day.
6.06.10 Performed stunt show and took part in «Rescue» TV program on NTV channel.
12.06.10 Stunt show on 1 stage of Russian Superbike Shampionship. Moscow.
12.06.10 Stunt show on private night party in carting center «Drive Land».Moscow.
20.06.10 Stunt show on 1 stage of Ruusian Car Racing series RTCC. Kursk.
25.06.10 Stunt show in Bor sity. Teenagers day.Interview for local TV channel.Bor.
27.06.10 Stunt show in Moscow.Yearly event «Territory of Sport». Interview for Moscow TV channel «Stolica».
09.07.10 Stunt competition «Moto Moto». 2 place. Moscow.
10.07.10  1 place for «Craziest Trick» in Freestyle Street bike contest «Moscow Stunt Jam 2010».
24.07.10 Stutn show on 5th anniversary of MC «Rolling Anarchy». Logoysk.Belarus.
29.07.10 Adrenalin Rush FMX Masters 2010. Kazan.
01.08.10 Adrenalin Rush FMX Masters 2010. Samara
05.08.10 Adrenalin Rush FMX Masters 2010. Volgograd
08.08.10 Adrenalin Rush FMX Masters 2010. Rostov na Donu
11.08.10 Adrenalin Rush FMX Masters 2010. Krasnodar
14.08.10 Adrenalin Rush FMX Masters 2010. Sochi
29.08.10 1 pace for «Longest Circle Whellie» at Noginsk Stunt Party 2010. Stunt show and competition. Noginsk.
30.08.10  Stunt show for news block TV program «Аuto Plus».
04.09.10  Stunt Show in Moscow Sity Day. Otradnoe.
05.09.10  Stunt Show in  Moscow Sity Day. Krilatskoe.
11.09.10 Stunt Show on a start  «Silk Way Rally» Dakar series. Saint Petersburg.
12.09.10 Stunt Show  on a 1 stage «Silk Way Rally»Dakar series. Staraya Rusa.
13.09.10 Stunt Show  on a 1 stage «Silk Way Rally»Dakar series. Viazma.
14.09.10 Stunt Show  on a 1 stage «Silk Way Rally»Dakar series. Lipezk.
01.11.10 Interview for internet portal«TwoWheelsBlog»


From 2005 to the present time, organized and conducted a great number of demonstration performances by stunt riding across the country. Work Marat Kankadze intrested serious international organizers of the company Red Bull.
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