12oClockLabs is a Research & Development

Manufacturing company, as well as a dealer for the DRC product line.
12oclockLabs was started in 2008 with SpeedoDRD, the smallest electronic speedometer calibration device in the world. Founded by an avid motorcyclist / engineer, with a primary focus on developing motorcycle related electronic products. There are many new product designs in the works. An immense amount of engineering work goes into every product to bring the end user the highest quality possible. 

Everything engineered at 12oclockLabs uses only the absolute highest quality components, including medical grade solid capacitors, with an always-on runtime life expectancy of over 57 years.

Other companies save money using standard grade capacitors which can have a life expectancy as low as a few years. 12oclockLabs chooses to engineer for extremely long life and solid reliability, not just long enough to make it through the warranty period.

Since January 2010 Marat Kankadze became a 12oclockLabs sponsored stuntrider.

Marat would like to thank 12oclockLabs for support!

official site: http://www.12oclocklabs.com/

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